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Autodesk ReCap Data for Digital Modeling

Autodesk, the leader of CAD systems worldwide, has introduced the ReCap format as a tool to handle point clouds in their software solutions. By importing ReCap files into Studio Max, Revit or Autocad you can model any content of 3D scan data in your familiar workflow.   

Here are 2 videos that show the new option in Autodesk 3ds Max:  


Autodesk ReCap is a stand alone software for handling point cloud data. It comes along with the Autodesk design and building suites. However, you can use the point pool data without ReCap, since the models are ready to use. If you want to change the models though, it is nice to use ReCap for that. Here is the link to Autodesks website (you need to register, donĀ“t go for the pro version it is a limited trial version).

There is many more videos on Recap and the use in other Autodesk software such as Autocad or Revit, just follow the channels:

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