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3D Data for Digital Modeling

3D laser scanners map and measure all visible objects in their vicinity. They create a 3D point cloud with billions of single points and highly detailled content.

That is why the laser scanning technology is being used for precise documentation purposes in the industry, in architecture and forensics. Now point clouds can be used for the digital arts as well: They are the base for further modeling steps, for the creation of animation backplates and visual effects in the movie industry.

Autodesk, the leader of CAD systems worldwide, has introduced the ReCap format as a tool to handle this 3D data in their software solutions. By importing the ReCap file into Studio Max, Revit or Autocad you can model any content in your familiar workflow.


Johannes Rechenbach, a German architect, has worked on more than 100 scan projects. He is convinced that this fascinating technology can have a huge impact on the digital arts as well. Thats is why he founded Point Pool, the data base for digital 3D-content.

Please visit his website www.laser-scanning-architecture.com for further information on scan examples and the benefits for heritage, architecture and the industry.

The scan example on  this page is the public courtyard of the townhall in Hamburg, Germany.  

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