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Digital Data Sets for 3D-Artists

Scans of the existing world serve as 3D-backplates in your modeling software. This is the new way of creating highly realistic models and special effects.

Landscapes, Buildings or City Streets

Laser scanners generate point clouds of real environments. Now these data sets can be imported into Autodesk design software serving your modeling workflow.

Downloads right here

Being the first service of this kind worldwide, Point Pool offers you this digital content right here. You will find different examples on the download page to choose from. And this is just the start, we want to increase the number of interesting data sets from around the world all the time! 


How does it work?

In order to obtain your desired data set please send us a mail by clicking on the adress at the bottom of the page. You will receive a download link for convenient online access.

Using our service for the first time is free, all following downloads will cost € 220,- each. Please note that the zipped files are up to 1.2 GB in size, so highspeed internet is recommended.

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